12th issue In-On

Personalities of Crete
Dr. Dimitris Xenakis 

“The University of Crete can constitute a pole of attraction for students and professors all around the Mediterranean specialized in European and Mediterranean Politics” underlined in an interview to “In-On” magazine the Director of the section of Euro-Mediterranean Politics of the Greek Center of European Studies, Dr. Dimitris Xenakis.
In September 2011, the Summer Academy of the European  Consortium for Political Research will be realized entitled:  “Europe and the World”, in the buildings of the University of Crete in Rethymnon in which Professors and students of a doctorate level from all over the world will participate. More specifically, he mentioned that “our aim is since 2013 to take over on a permanent basis the realization of this project in our University, since the Department of Politics possesses teaching and research staff with international appeal”. The Department of Politics trains political scientists, capable of confronting complex knowledge requirements along with the administration of political phenomena and contemporary politics in a national, supranational and international level. Combined with continuous scientific and research work and the presence of the staff, the Department essentially contributes to the development of Political Science in Greece as well as the elevation of the Greek political system and Greek politics in Europe and the Mediterranean.
Dimitris Xenakis was born in Herakleion in Crete in 1973 and studied International Relations and European Policies in Great Britain. He was awarded by the Greek University Union of European Studies for his Doctoral thesis in 2002. Today, he teaches in the Department of Politics in the University of Crete, in which he was unanimously elected as an assistant professor of International Politics in October 2006. Prior to this he had taught in the National School of Public Administration, in the Department of International and European Studies of the Panteion University, in the Department of Mediterranean Studies in the University of Aegean, in the Hellenic Open University and in the School of National Security.
Since March 201, he has been appointed Vice-president of the board of directors in the Center of Security Studies of the Ministry of Citizen Protection, and at the same time member of the Scientific Council in the Institute of Defence Analyses in the Ministry of National Defence. In the past he was, among others, Head of Research of the Department of Mediterranean and Middle-east Studies in the Institute of International Economic Relations, Secretary General of the Research Center of Progressive Politics, Scientific Collaborator in the Greek Parliament, Scientific expert in International Relations and International Organizations in the Ministry of Defence, Strategic Analyst in the Institute of defence analyses and Scientific Collaborator in the Greek Foundation of European and Foreign Policy. He has participated in a number of international conventions and committees as well as in conferences of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Defence of the European Union, along with the committees of European Affairs and Foreign Affairs and Defence of the Greek Parliament. He is a member of various international scientific networks and unions and judge in scientific magazines such as Mediterranean Politics, Regional and Federal Studies, Études Hellénique/Hellenic Studies and the Notebooks of Political Science.
His written work receives international acknowledgement with more than 200 references in important international editions, and is widely used in the teaching process of pre-graduate and post-graduate programs in Universities in Greece and abroad. These are among others The emerging Euro-Mediterranean system (MUP, 2001), The Politics of Order-Building in Europe and the Mediterranean (DAI, 2004), International Europe; The International Dimensions of E.C (ΕΠΕΕΣ – Ι. Sideris, 2006), Building Trust and Conflict Prevention in the Mediterranean (ΕΛΙΑΜΕΠ, 2008), Directions of Progressive Governance (ΚΕΠΠ, Papazisis, 2009), Interventions for Europe (ΚΕΠΠ–ΚΕΘΕΜ, Papazisis, 2009), European State: The Art of Co-disposal (Savvalas, 2009), Union pour la Méditerranée: Perspectives Nationales et Régionales (Études Hellénique, 2009), Greece in a Changing Euro-Mediterranean Setting: Guidelines for Future Action (EKEM, 2009), South-eastern Europe: Crisis and Prospects, (Papazisis editions, 2010), in collective volumes and articles in international scientific magazines.

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