Recipes from Rethymnon and Amari in the “Panakron” Estate

13th issue In-On

Panakron Estate is located in the valley of Amari, in the region of the Abbey School Asomaton, about 38 kilometers south the city of Rethymnon, among the mountains of Psilorites, Kentros and Samitos.
It is an agro touristic unit in an area of 53 acres that consists of 5 traditional self-catered guest houses, a traditional tavern -café, a playground, basketball and volleyball courts, a swimming pool, space for social events, space for horse-riding, farmlands and a parking lot.
The estate’s tavern is built on two levels and is located near the estate’s entrance. The wooden traditional furniture, the stone details on the walls’ decoration and the unobstructed view to the garden of the estate through the windows and the terraces that surround it, give a special tone. The tavern can accommodate up to 400 people in the interior and up to 1000 people in the exterior. In this beautiful and cozy environment, we serve pure dishes based on unique taste recipes from Grete and Amari. In order to prepare them, pure products, and arid fruit and vegetables of the area of Amari are exclusively used. Among some of our dishes that daily alternate, one can find tsigaristo, eggplants with brisket, pork with peppers, as well as traditional sweets such as sour cherry, cherry and walnut. The wine list includes labels from the region of Amari and Cretan vineyards. Meals are served all day from early morning till late in the evening.
The guest houses of “PANAKRON” Estate are built in the northeastern part of the estate overlooking the mountains of Psilorites, Samitos and Kentros. It is located within a walking distance from the swimming pool, the tavern and the parking lot and it consists of five separate guest houses that can accommodate from 2 to 5 people each. The guest houses combine elements of traditional architecture with modern materials and facilities ensuring a pleasant stay. The earthly colors, the beamed roof, the wooden furniture and the stone-built sofas give a feeling of warmth and calmness.
“Panakron” Estate constitutes an ideal destination not only for day trips but also to stay. The fenced gardens create a safe environment for families with children while dishes of unique taste based on recipes from Crete and Amari are served in the tavern using pure local products and arid fruit and vegetables. Within a short distance from “Panakron” Estate, significant sites are located not only of historical but also natural interest.  It is worth visiting the Byzantine Monastery of Asomaton which is situated only a few meters away, while within a range of a few kilometers there is the Potami Dam, the Gious Kampos plateau, the Platania and Patsos gorges, as well as an extensive network of hiking mountain paths.
The estate is ideal for quiet vacations in the enchanting nature of Amari attracting every year many fans of trekking, mountaineering gastronomical, archeological and religious tourism. The aim of this enterprise is the visitor to be able to live and taste authentic tastes, explore the nature of Amari, in the paths that lead to the unique Mt. Psiloritis and visit archeological sites, churches and monasteries.
In the certified estate tavern with the “Cretan Quality Label”, the visitor can taste local traditional dishes exclusively cooked with local olive oil and local products.  Furthermore, in the estate there is production of raw materials to be used for food preparation (salads – zucchini – eggplants, herbs etc.).
The visitor can come in touch with the daily life of the locals who are mostly farmers, animal breeders and beekeepers. The visitor can share with them the way they have fun, the way they cook, their customs and also participate in the traditional feasts in the villages, the shearing of the sheep or raki. Moreover, walking in the villages around, the visitor is able to be informed and collect rare regional Cretan herbs.

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