AHEPA branches are increasing in Europe

4th issue In-On

“Within the next three years the building construction of the spiritual and cultural centre in Candanon, Chania in Crete will have been completed. It will host Greek Cretans from abroad so as to get to know their country better and “feel” the Greek Language as well as the Greek civilization”, underlined Dr. George Atsalakis, the president of the AHEPA branch of Crete “HJ-6 KYDON CRETE”, during an interview to In-On magazine. He mentioned that a variety of classes will be realized in the cultural centre such as History, Ancient Greek Philosophy, the Ancient Greek system of government, social structure and organization as well as environment and its protection. The aim is to inform and sensitize Greek Youth abroad, the maintenance of Greek Language, the promotion of our tradition, the reinforcement of cultural diplomacy and the elevation of Greek civilization.
University professors and school teachers will teach at the spiritual and cultural centre, while there will be a four star hotel (180 beds availability) in order the Greek emigrants to stay at a close distance. The prices will be appealing for longer residence. As Mr. Atsalakis clarified, the area was given for free by the municipality of Candanon and since May 2008 a study of viability was constructed the School of Polytechnics taking into account the protection of the environment. The building will be complete through a funds program and particularly each Cretan company will fund a room, which will have its name and the workmen will come from the Municipality of Candanon. The building will be used by Greeks who live in the United States of America, Canada and Australia. AHEPA members always aim at the reinforcement of Greek civilization, while the campaign of recruiting new members in Crete is on process, as Mr. Atsalakis pointed out. It has to be noted that there are two AHEPA branches in Crete, one in Chania  and the other in Herakleion, while it is expected a new one to be created in Rethymnon. At the same time AHEPA HELLAS today, attempts to create branches to the rest of Europe under its supervision.

Curriculum Vitae
Dr. Atsalakis teaches at the School of Polytechnics in Crete at the department of Mechanical Production and Administration. He was born in Kalyves, Apokornou, Chania, in 1962. In 1986 he graduated from the School of Economics (ex A.Σ.Ο.Ε.Ε). In 2000 he finished his post-graduate studies in Organization and Administration from the School of Polytechnics of Crete. In 2006, he was awarded a Ph. D concerning share prices from the School of Polytechnics of Crete. Since 1987 he works as ΕΔΙΠ ΙΙ in the School of Polytechnics of Crete. His main research is based on prediction and modelization of the magnitude of finances with the use of intelligent calculating techniques from the field of neuronal network, ambiguous logic, neuro indefinite systems and genetic algorithms e.t.c. His research areas mainly focus on prediction Stock Exchange securities, exchange, foreign markets e.t.c. He has published a book entitled “Stock Exchange Prediction” and written many articles in international magazines as well as participated in scientific conferences. Since 1987 he serves as a specialized financial councilor of small and medium-range companies. He is, also, the president of AHEPA branch in Crete, “HJ-6 KYDON CRETE”.

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