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Bottarga: A Delicious and Healthy Product
“Harokopio University of Athens conducted research on bottarga and the in vitro results showed that the product really regenerates human arteries. What is more, the research results were published in the acclaimed American scientific Journal of Agricultural & Food Chemistry. Subsequent in vivo research carried out in cooperation with Pasteur Hellenic Institute showed that the consumption of Trikalinos Bottarga has remarkable antiatherogenic effects. The results of this significant research were presented during the 15th International Medical Symposium on Atheromatosis, organized by ELIKAR (Hellenic Heart Foundation), which was chaired by Dr. Toutouzas,” said Zafeiris Trikalinos, owner and President of the company TRIKALINOS BOTTARGA, in an interview to the magazine “In-On”.   (Article)

Special Report:
National Precision Medicine Net
“A center that will be able through DNA analysis, to make early diagnosis of diseases even from the childhood of man will be a drastic and significant change in our daily life” he underlined in an interview with Nektarios Tavernarakis Chairman of the Board of Directors and director of the Central Directorate of the Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH).   (Article)
Hope in battle against cancer
“The National network of precision medicine in oncology, a pioneering action that was established at the initiative of the research and innovation Sector of the Ministry of Education, Research and religious affairs in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, starts in Greece with immediate aim To upgrade the diagnosis, predict the outcome and the targeted treatment of cancer patients.   (Article)

First Ladies:
Sofia Aggelaki   (Article)

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