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Tourism Battle Track
“As a Chamber of Commerce we make two strategic points. The first is to identify a new development model for Greek tourism in the coming decades. In the digital age, we cannot go… Arab. This means investing in upgrading all infrastructure related to tourism, from airports, harbors and marinas to golf courses or seaplanes. It also means a clear spatial planning to ensure that environmental protection rules are in place and that it is exploited as a huge comparative advantage for our tourist product. It also means a pro-investment environment. From the issuance of the first license to the opening of the investment”, Alexandros Vassilikis, President of the Chamber of Commerce, said in an interview with “In-On”.     (Article)
Special reportage: Geoparks of Crete
Geopark of Psiloritis
“In the Municipality of Anogeia is the information center of Psiloritis Natural Park as well as the headquarters of the organization’s management which is made up of AKOM SA. and works with the help of the Museum of Natural History of the University of Crete, “Mayor of Anogia Manolis Kallergis said in an interview with “In-On”.    (Article)
Geopark of Sitia
“Sitia’s Geopark offers a wide range of activities that cover a wide range of preferences, from those who just want to rest in a traditional and unique part of Crete, even to the most demanding adventure seekers,” he stressed in an interview with “In-On” the Mayor of Sitia Thodoros Paterakis.    (Article)
Traditional businesses:
Herbs and cultural products
“The production of herbs is in harmony with nature and gives a cultural product,” the farmer Vangelis Geronimakis stressed in an interview with Nektarios Sfakion.    (Article)

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