First ladies – Mrs. Mary Bakeri-Stavrakaki

Tourism constitutes a new sector of development in the region especially if new forms of alternative tourism such as ecotourism, agro tourism, mountaineering etc. are involved.
“The new local authority will proceed to the formulation of Social Groups for the young and the farmers of our Municipality. The divisions will deal with History, social issues and rural economy”, pointed out in an interview to “In-On” magazine the Anogeia municipal councilor Mrs. Mary Bakeri-Stavrakaki.
Question: Tell us about your top priorities for the continuation of the development in the Municipality of Anogeia.
Answer: The new local authority will continue infrastructure in schools, the Health Center, the nursery as well as by the ESPA programs that facilitate the road network and the shepherd’s House while Nida’s Pavilion has been funded and will soon be completed.
The active participation of the citizens and in particular of the young people is of grave importance especially as far as the Information Center of Antiquities is concerned. However, the problem is to fill the post of an employee. A group of young people has already taken over and the center operated from 10 till 2 am in the period of 15th -27th September, 2014 until a permanent solution is found.
It is important, however, to mention the active participation of our citizens to the new cultural events. On the other hand, the aim of the new local authority is the increase in job opportunities.
Thus, we will proceed to public discussions in order implement Social Economy as well as structures with the view to intervene in issues that deal with unemployment and volunteering in the framework of the new five-year project.
Concerning infrastructure it has to be noted that there is a serious problem mainly focused on studies. More particularly, the water supply networks along with sanitation need replacement at some points. Actually, we are only funded for renovations.
At the same time, a strategy for the cultural events is needed while we will proceed to the creation of social groups for the young people and the farmers of our municipality. We will create divisions of: History, social issues and rural economy.
Rural Economy is of great importance for the region since the main fields of employment involve livestock, agriculture and cottage industry.
Stockbreeding plays the most important role in the local economy of Anogeia due its mountainous nature that produces high quality products. In the field of agriculture the single crop of the olive tree dominates.
Apart from olive cultivation, viniculture was quite wide-spread in the past. Cottage Industry, which is considered till today an important sector of the local economy, flourished more particularly after World War II and soon became a primary economic factor of the region. Indeed, it helped not only in the reconstruction of livestock and agriculture but also in the reconstruction of the area as well as its financial development.
The art of weaving has become the main economic source of our region.
Shortly afterwards, pastry making, another form of handicraft was successfully evolved with the well-known “Anogian buns”. The financial development of the area is mainly based on the primary sector and secondly on manufacturing and services.
Tourism constitutes a new field of development in the area especially as far as new specialized forms of alternative tourism such as ecotourism, agro tourism, mountaineering etc. are concerned.
Question: Tell us your duties and specify the fields
Answer: My duties involve my role as a secretary in the city council, member of the Economic Committee, member of the Education Committee and also member of the Cultural Committee.
Question: To what extend does a woman’s view help solve the problems of the area?
Answer: Women possess another kind of sensitivity and approach problems differently in fields such as communication, work; the creation of cultural events, theatrical groups and other.
Curriculum Vitae
The city councilor Mrs. Mary Bakeri-Stavrakaki works as a mathematician in Stavrakeio General High School in Anogeia while in 1977 she was a secretary in the annex of the Greek Mathematical Society. She was born in 1962 and studied at the Athens School of Physics.

Source of publication 23th issue In-On

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