First Ladies – Mrs. Mary Tzanaki

“A workshop was held for “the human rights and peace” by the members of the Pan Cretan Association-Women Division while there was a meeting with the wife of the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan in her residence in Ankara in September 2003 in order to strengthen the relationships between Greece and Turkey”, mentioned to “In-On” magazine Mrs. Mary Tzanaki

“Woman’s position through History acted as a catalyst to the development and the formulation of global society not forgetting of course the great contribution to the cornerstone called family. Through sacrifices, patience, persistence and selfless emotions women managed to gain their personal struggle for recognition, often paying, though, a high price for each acquisition. Thus, the Pan Cretan Association of Cretan Women Worldwide supports women and provides legal assistance throughout Greece”, underlined in an interview to “In-On” magazine, the chairman of the Pan Cretan Association of Cretan Women Worldwide Mrs. Mary Tzanaki.
Moreover, she stressed “I envision a bright future for all these women who live in the dark of illiteracy, ignorance, neglect and exploitation. And it is truly important for every woman to have the place she deserves in our society, if we consider that a woman contributes to the life and the education of the people who come to walk on this planet”.
Mary Tzanaki constitutes a distinct personality for Crete and is widely acknowledged for her remarkable activities, not only as the chairman of the Pompian Association in Herakleion in Crete for a decade now but also as the founding member and Chairman of the Pan Cretan Association of Women Worldwide (for totally 22 consecutive years) as well as the vice-president of the Cretan Associations in Greece.
Along with her husband, they established the Foundation for Spastic Children in Pompia and bought the offices of the Pompians Association in Athens. Moreover, she donated her husband’s priceless historic library to the Cultural Foundation of the Cretan Home and has offered an annual scholarship to the Cretan Home as well as financial assistance for the completion of the new building of the Cretan Home. Her multifaceted offer to Argentina has established her as the informal ambassador of Crete. She has also donated her jewelry to the Patriarch of Alexandria and Pope of all Africa. Additionally, Mary Tzanaki motivated to assist after the earthquakes in Athens and in Turkey as well as to the organization of humanitarian aid in Serbia, in Belgrade and Nice where she was honored by the local authorities.
She has received the following distinctions for her significant socioeconomic contribution:
– By the Mayor of Prousa in Turkey
– By the Hospital of Nice and the municipality of Nice in Serbia
– By the Pan Hellenic Association of Cretan Cultural Unions
– By the Patriarch of Alexandria with the Patriarchic Cross of Saint Marcus
– By the Patriarchate of Constantinople
– By the Greek Community of Argentina, the children of Serbia, the President of Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Cretan Students’ Residence
– By the City of Athens
She holds a Guinness award for the cultural event called “Planet Crete” where several dances were realized as well as the biggest pentozali dance with the participation of 2.705 dancers.

Curriculum Vitae
Mary Tzanaki is the chairman of the Pan Cretan Association of Women Worldwide and was born in Astritsi, Herakleion.
She attended the Faculty of Nursing as well as the Institute of Vocational Training (SVIE) as a microbiologist. In 1996, she was appointed at IKA (Social Services Institution), where she met her husband Stylianos Tzanakis from Pompia (prefecture of Herakleion) who was a professor and a manager.
Mr Tzanakis’ fellow countrymen acknowledged Mary’s love towards her husband along with her dedication to serve the mankind and elected her chairman of the Pompians’ Association.

Source of publication 21th issue In-On

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