Authentic Cretan Tastes in Adelianos Campos

Based on “traditional Cretan cuisine” in 1989 Kostas and Dina Tsimpidis, put their great enthusiasm and created the tavern “Chrisoula”. The tavern is located at the 6th kilometer east the city of Rethymnon at the position of Xerokamaro in Adelianos Campos.  It is 25 meters far from the main road.
Adelianos Campos is a fertile area at the East of the city of Rethymnon. It stretches between the old and the new National Road from Rethymnon to Herakleion covering a range of 20 kilometers. The area has always been a great source of agriculture, since the farming lands with vegetables and olive groves feed the local economy. The climate being warm and humid and the area itself benefited agriculture. Easy access and the easily-cultivated territory of the plain are features of an area of a special financial importance.
During the period of the Tourist Development of the area which was during the 70s and since then, the region experienced an extremely rapid development and its economic power that is now based on tourism was redefined. Bigger and smaller tourist units were developed along the coastline in a distance further than 30 kilometers from the city of Rethymnon. Any kind of enterprises got advantage of the multiple benefits due to the reinforcement of tourism. Those enterprises continue to grow simultaneously with the luxurious hotels. Retail stores, small supermarkets, food and recreation businesses, travel agencies etc. dominate along the street. In this purely tourist area, tavern “Chrisoula” operates as well, raising the bar of the gastronomic map of the area regarding the quality of food and service and winning the bet in periods that are not so romantic, when competition and  profit undermine the important aspect of qualitative food.
Mrs. Dina, owner and cook of the tavern “Chrisoula” exploited with great enthusiasm the Cretan specialties that she was taught by her mother-in-law and using the excellent quality Cretan olive oil along with other pure traditional products she created a cozy, authentic and traditional Cretan environment.
“Chrisoula” tavern has a spacious and clean kitchen with stainless steel equipment.
In the quiet and cool interior, the customers can enjoy their meal protected from the city’s hustle and bustle. The area is a lush green and blossoming environment. It hosts prunes of jasmines, bougainvilleas, oleanders, honeysuckles, mulberry trees, palm trees, araucarias and dozens of smaller seasonal flowers which compose a beautiful environment.
Most of the vegetables used are either of our own production or of local producers as in the case of meat and dairy products. The excellent quality wine is also local. Even the refreshments that are offered in our tavern are also Cretan.
The Cretan extra virgin olive oil that is used in our cooking plays a vital role in our tavern.
The enterprise operates according to the notion of preservation Cretan Cuisine and according to the EFET Hygiene code offering authentic Cretan tastes. The enterprise is also certified with the Signal Quality Cretan Cuisine of the Cretan Quality Agreement, under the auspices of the Region of Crete.

Source of publication  14th edition In-On

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