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«In the beginning of 2011 a conference will be realized in Crete, where the members of the European Committee will participate among others. It regards the investment activities in the field of entertaining tourism and health tourism in Greece. This initiative will include special events as well», underlined in an interview to “In-On” magazine the second Vice President of ΠΑΔΕΕ (International Inter-Parliamentary Association of Hellenism) and member of the European Parliament elected in Germany since 2004, Mr.George Hatzimarkakis.
The aim of this initiative- he clarified- is Germany to assist the field of Greek tourism, which has suffered due to the negative publicity and the «pictures of riots» especially, shown in the German mass media before summer resulting, therefore in negatively affecting the development of this significant field for Greece, tourism.
Question: What sort of events will the campaign for the reinforcement of the Greek tourism include?
Answer: This initiative in focus does not merely include events but mostly investment activities in the field of entertaining tourism and health tourism. European travel agents for instance, blame Greece for the lack of golf courses. However, the existing high European demand is not satisfied. This constitutes a serious disadvantage. Quality investments regarding substructures should be realized in Greece. Additionally, the outlook that has to do with the services must improve. Regarding the part of tourism that concerns the issue of health, Greece needs a systematic promotion effort that includes economical, yet quality holiday packages. At the same time there should be an investment in the Cretan or Mediterranean diet as well as in the framework of Wellness and specialized medicine. In this context, I am planning a conference in Crete in the beginning of 2011, where the European Committee will participate among others.
Question: How many Greeks abroad and members of the German Government will participate in the campaign for the reinforcement of tourism in Greece?
Answer: The Greeks who live in Germany are well-organized through a variety of associations, liaisons and communities. Acting as ambassadors of Hellenism, culture and Greek products, they participate in the promotion of Tourism. However, a more coordinated effort is needed in order to efficiently approach the Germans. This for example could be realized through advertisement, draws and cultural events even Greek products’ testing in Greek stores. As the chairman of the German-Greek Business Link, I strive to make the goal of a coordinated initiative succeed. Moreover, the German-Greek Business Link cooperates with the German Ministry of Economic Affairs as well as German business entities with the intention to help Greece overcome the economic crisis and restructures its economy. Within this context, a symposium was realized in September in Berlin with the participation of the Greek Embassy. More similar meetings will follow.
Question: Will the number of German tourists increase in 2011 due to this campaign?
Answer: Actually, this is the goal of the campaign: to increase the number of German tourists in Greece. Surely, this depends on the success of the campaign. It would have been a great achievement if the rate reached 25%.
Question: Will this campaign expand to other European countries?
Answer: Most Greeks who live abroad in Europe live in Germany. Provided that this plan succeeds in Germany, we can absolutely expand this initiative to other European countries as well.

Source of publication 11th edition In-On

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