In Pefkoi village, in Lasithi, Crete

“Peperia” tavern has been certified by the “Cretan Quality Label” which aims at the preservation of the Cretan Cuisine in relation to the preparation and the content. Cretan olive oil is exclusively used during food preparation.
Olive oil production is conducted by traditional, biological methods and this point is worth mentioning since a lot of trees are more than 2000 years old and continue to crop well.   The tavern is located in the prefecture of Lasithi in Crete on the mountainous, picturesque village of Pefkoi, which is about seven (7) kilometers off Makris Gialos. The tavern was named after green pepper which is a plant that dominates not only the tavern but the village as well. This vegetable was delivered to the village as a sample probably 100 years or more ago.
One can buy various products in “Peperia” like virgin olive oil, wine, rake, honey and herbs, which are produced by Eikosipentaki family and are used for the preparation of the dishes that are offered in the tavern.
Mr. Fanis Eikosipentakis the owner of the business stresses that “after so many years of efforts to preserve Cretan tradition, the future of the company solely focuses on the customer who can sample and enjoy a variety of Cretan dishes”.
There are also interesting sights in the area nearby such as the exceptionally-beautiful caves of “Apaloustres” and “Latsida Vreikou”, where signs of Neolithic habitation were found.
Moreover, Pefkoi village is the place where a very beautiful and easy to walk gorge commences.
The small gorge of Pefkoi is situated on the south coast of Crete and stretches for about four (4) kilometers, starting from the village Pefkoi and ending up to the beach of the tourist settlement of Makris Gialos.
The relatively short and easy route remains unforgettable because through the green of the pine trees, the peculiar white color of the rocks and the blue color of the sky unique moments are offered to the walkers.  Actually, the torrent river bed is filled with plane-trees all the way.
There are caves in the wider area which reveal human presence already since Neolithic times and more specifically since 2.800 B.C. The visitor of today has the opportunity to admire the remnants of such caves on the way to Apaloustres caves and the cave of Vreikos.
Access to Pefkoi village is possible via Makris Gialos where the road is well-built overlooking the sunset. The name “Pefkoi” derives from the Greek word “Pefko” which means trees in abundance in the area.
The “Cretan Quality Label” is awarded to restaurants that offer Cretan Cuisine and use Cretan virgin olive oil and local products.
It constitutes an acknowledgement of quality of the services offered regarding food in relation to Cretan Cuisine and is given by the civil non-profitable company “Cretan Quality Label” comprising a competitive advantage and a powerful tool that promotes all the companies that focus on mass food production.
The “Cretan Quality Label” awarded the Quality Label to the company “Peperia”, which is located in the prefecture of Lasithi in the village Pefkoi since the process of certification was successfully completed (inspection, corrective procedures, complete compliance with the standards of certification).

Source of publication 11th edition In-On

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