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Greek entrepreneurship in Sub-Saharan Africa: Focusing on the prospects of Sub-Saharan Africa in particular, as well as on the development of commerce and investments in a region that promises to play a leading role throughout our century, the cooperation between the representatives of the Greek-African Chamber and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry was based.  (Article)
Special Report: Nutrition and its cost
• Ancient Greeks followed a simple diet.    (Article)
• ANCIENT GREECE: 4th century BC till 3rd century BC.   (Article)
• ROME: 3rd century BC-5th century AD.    (Article)
• BYZANTIUM: 5th-15th century.   (Article)
• MODERN GREECE: 1828-2001.   (Article)
First Ladies:
Tourism constitutes a new sector of development in the region especially if new forms of alternative tourism such as ecotourism, agro tourism, mountaineering etc. are involved.  (Article)

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