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Special Report
Prefecture of Herakleion
The historical religious monuments of Greek Orthodoxy are connected with significant historical moments of the Greek people.
The historical significance of these historic religious monuments lies in the fact that the monks and the Fathers gathered the rebels in the churches and monasteries and protected them. The history of modern Crete goes through these monuments.
There are so many today that still talk about Arkadi. In the picture they have in their mind, the priest holds the torch in his hand to set fire to the explosive mixture that exploded old people, women and children so as not to be captured by the Turks.
For all the above reasons, the Cretan Business Magazine “In-On” which circulates in the newsstands of Crete in the last five years and the News Agency «In-On» proceed in the creation of a «Special Report» regarding the Historical Religious Tourism of Crete in cooperation with special teachers, folklorists and scientists of the island.   (Article)

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