17rd Issue

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Special edition
Dr. George S. Atsalakis Professor in the School of Polytechnics of Crete: Waiver of liability: how to impose a de facto.  (Article)
First ladies
The key to the development of the Chamber of Herakleion is the activation of the female population providing them with information and support in their attempts.  (Article)
Lee Tarlamis Chairman – organizer of the Community Association of Australian: The promotion of Historical Greek monuments in Australia.   (Article)
Sifis Anastasakis Mayor of Ierapetra: Creation of a tourist port anda marina in Ierapetra.  (Article)
Personalities of Crete
Stavros Kallergis (The forerunner of the socialist movement of Greece): «Father» of the labor day in Greece.   (Article)
Stefanos Linaios Special Secretary of the National Council of Bid Debt of Germany to Greece: «You owe us, we owe you nothing».  (Article)

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