7rd Issue

7rd Issue In-On pdf

Table of Contents

Greetings from the President of the Internasional Fair of Thessaliniki (plc), mr. Dimitris Bakatselos for the «In-On» magazine.   (Article)
New salesbranches with Cretan products.    (Article)
New enterprising opportunities.    (Article)
First ladies
Almost fifty years have passed by since Nikos Kazantzakis’ death and he is still being persecuted.    (Article)
Greeks living Abroad
Crete and the project of production and energy distribution DESERTEC.    (Article)
Special edition
Tourism functions as a «Barometer» for the economic crisis.    (Article)
Personalities of Crete
The books of Nikos Kazantzakis are «absent».    (Article)

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