6rd Issue

6rd Issue In-On pdf

Table of Contents

New exhibitions of Cretan products. Interview to ‘‘In-On’’ magazine the Regional counsellor of Crete Mr. Serafi m Tsokas.   (Article)
The chairman of the Association Mr. Georgios Fragiadoulakis: Innovative Cretan products.   (Article)
First ladies
This interview is dedicated to every woman who personally struggles every day at home, in the field, in the factory… These are the First Ladies.   (Article)
Greeks living Abroad
The chairman of the International Council of Cretans (ICG) Mr. Georgios Aerakis: Crete tourist destination.   (Article)
Special edision
By Dr. George S. Atsalakis – Professor at the School of Polytechnics in Crete: Defl ation and its consequences.   (Article)
Personalities of Crete
Manousos Manousakis Director: The Cretan Director – Bio – Cultivator.   (Article)
By Mr. Ioannis Gklavakis Member of the European Parliament: Cretan Diet History – Tradition – Health.   (Article)

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