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Diet: Crete is famous for the tasty and healthy bread products that are produced according to traditional recipes such as the Cretan thick- barley cracker called “dakos” . Also the Cretan wine bears a tradition of more than 4.000 years and is distinquished for its varieties and exquisite taste.     (Article)
Personalities of Crete
The music composer Mrs Olga Koyklakis in cooperation with the French producer Marc Collin, created the new C.D “Get a life”, which was released in France, in January 2008.     (Article)
First ladies
Top priority is the maintenance and Further development of our three Hotels Units, Capsis, Bristol (in Thessaloniki) and Astoria (in Crete).     (Article)
Belonging to the family of Big European Aquariums, CretAquarium provides the visitors with the opportunity of a Unique dive to the wonderful marine world of the Mediterranean Sea. It is alrealy being expanded with open pools, new fish species and quided tours by experienced personnel.     (Article)

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