15rd Issue

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Table of Contents

Zominthos: The crossroads from Knossos to Ideon Andron. (Mrs. Effie Sakellaraki)    (Article)
George Klados: The Holocaust in Anogia in the form of five “because”.    (Article)
First ladies
“Woodland is our country itself and when we protect it, we protect our country as well” underlined in an interview to “In-On” magazine the Head of the Forests Division in Rethymnon, Mrs. Chara Kargiolaki.    (Article)
Mr. John G. Manos κ. (John George Manoukarakis): Exploitation of the enterprising-scientific force of the Cretans abroad.    (Article)
• Mr. Antonis Tsourdalakis: Creation of a Ministry for Greeks Abroad.    (Article)
Personalities of Crete
John Sakellarakis: Ideon Andron – Plympia – Heraion in Samos places of worship.    (Article)
Haritos  Sifakakis: The “Thermopylae of nature” the Farming Game in Rethymnon.    (Article)

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