14rd Issue

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“The Hellenic Foreign Trade (OPE) moves on to a new planning  so as business actions become more efficient. In order to achieve this aim, new ideas will be exploited”, underlined to “In-On” magazine the CEO of OPE Mr. Alcibiades Kalambokis.     (Article)
 “Justice for the Holocaust in Distomo” of lawyer Kelly Stamoulis.    (Article)
First ladies
“The formulation of cooperative alliances is the key for entrepreneurs to find the exit from the bottleneck of the economic crisis” of Mrs. Maria Petrakis.    (Article)
Campaign for the Greek products in Australia.    (Article)
“The payment of the German dept– A seal of friendship between Greeks and Germans” of Manolis Glezos.    (Article)
Personalities of Crete
“Poetry is the best wall to hide our face”. Manolis Anagnostakis.    (Article)
Authentic Cretan Tastes in Adelianos Campos.    (Article)

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