13rd Issue

13rd Issue In-On pdf

Table of Contents

“Cheaper airline tickets for Greeks who live abroad with Olympic Air-Cyprus Airlines” underlined in a press conference to “In-On” magazine the Executive Chairman of Olympic Air Mr. Giannis Karakadas.    (Article)
First ladies
“The Periphery of Crete moves towards the establishment of a regional food industry institution” underlined in an interview to “In-On” magazine, the first woman who serves as the vice-prefect of Rethymnon Mrs. Maria Lioni.    (Article)
“Investment opportunities regarding energy in Crete” underlined in a press conference to “In-On” magazine the President of the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank Mr. Andrey Kondakov.    (Article)
Special edition
“Funding enterprises in the region”.    (Article)
Personalities of Crete
“The governments are falling but love remains”. Manolis Rassoulis.    (Article)
Recipes from Rethymnon and Amari in the “Panakron” Estate.    (Article)

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