12rd Issue

12rd Issue In-On pdf

Table of Contents

“Ideas regarding the two notions: Innovation – Competitiveness” by John Stournaras, Professor of Economics at the University of Athens and Chief Executive Officer at the Institute of Economic and Industrial Research and by Spyros Travlos, Business Consultant.    (Article)
First ladies
“The government moves forward to an effort to expand development towards Periphery” underlines in “In-On” magazine Mrs. Stella Papadaki-Tzedaki, Director General of the Administrative & Financial Services at the University of Crete.    (Article)
European Commission
“Small and medium-sized enterprises are key ways to boost regional economies” Mr. Panos Carvounis Head Delegate  of the European Commission in Greece.    (Article)
Special edition
Defeat the economic crisis.    (Article)
Personalities of Crete
Research center of Euro-Mediterranean Co-Ooperation in the University of Crete.    (Article)
Cooking lessons in the “Botanical Park of Crete”.    (Article)

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