New exhibitions of Cretan products

«The district of Crete proceeds to new high standard actions for the promotion of the Cretan products in the markets abroad» underlined in an interview to «In-On» magazine the Regional counsellor of Crete Mr. Serafim Tsokas.
More particularly:
Question: Will the periphery help in the organization of new exhibitions for the promotion of Cretan products?
Answer. Recently there has been a dynamic and unified presence of Crete establishing a new era for the products of the island through participation in International Fairs such as ΑΝUGA, or SIAL. This organized, collective and dynamic presence aims at exporting Cretan products to big markets abroad. A vast number of Cretan enterprises project their products successfully. Such enterprises are specialized in the production and standardization of olive oil and olives, bread and bread products, wine, biological products, herbs, sweets, raisins, honey, honey bars and other Cretan products.
Within the framework of the participation of Crete in International Fairs, a great deal of simultaneous activities and actions are included such as the promotion in vital posts in the entrances of the fairs as well as in the place where there are the Cretan stalls. Indicating Cretan participation through insertions in magazines distributed in the fair, folders including the profiles of the participant enterprises, DVD distribution regarding Crete and Cretan diet and Reception Desks to welcome foreign visitors, are some of the actions realized during these fairs.
At the same time through a series of other actions the periphery of Crete supports the promotion of our products to foreign markets.
Besides, the organization of successful exhibition events abroad, offers the participants the opportunity to develop a wide framework of co operations with companies abroad.
The collective actions of promotion between the periphery of Crete, the Association of exportation of Crete, the Organization of the Promotion of Exports, the Champers of Commerce and the prefecture authorities of Crete, OANAK and ΟΑDΥΚ, continue and are reinforced aiming at the creation of a unified means to certificate Cretan products under the name of «Region of Crete», an initiative that was warmly received from the periphery of Crete.
These days a fair is held in Athens which is dedicated to Crete, its products and services.  The fair is addressed to the mainland giving special attention to local tourism as well as inner consumption. I believe that this is a very good move, even though it was organized at a very short time and it will eventually bring tangible results.
Question. Which are the suggestions on behalf of the periphery of Crete so as Cretan enterprises overcome the economical crisis at the lowest cost in 2009 per branch?
Answer. Cretan enterprises constitute the backbone of Cretan economy. Through a series of political actions, the periphery along with the PEP of Crete and the Developmental Law aims at increasing investments either on new or already existing companies, through giving important motives.
The actions to reinforce the Axis of Priority mainly focus on the special characteristics and the needs of the productive network of the periphery of Crete with the target to improve competitiveness and the quality of the products, services and procedures, the improvement of business structure and the elevation of the comparative advantages of regional economy. Thus, within the framework of the Axis of Priority in focus, there will be reinforcement in the companies of the secondary and tertiary section.
Regarding secondary section, actions will be funded to reinforce subordinate ΜΜΕ- PΜΕ in order to improve their competitiveness in the context of the demands of new economy, as well as the creation of new companies with the aim to expand the productive basis of the periphery and the creation of new posts of employment.
Question. According to records, the economical crisis will continue till the first semester of 2010. What measures will the periphery take to reinforce enterprises?
Answer. The aim of our politics was and still remains a balanced, viable and cohesive development. Considering the Fourth Period of Government Policy we prepared Local Authority Organizations so as to enable them to play a significant role to the local authorities, setting them off as top-ranking carriers of regional development.
Additionally, taking into account that more than 82% of the sources of the 4th Κ.P.S., namely more than 16,8 billion of Euros, is addressed to the periphery, one realizes how well prepared should one be in order to respond to future challenges.
It has to be noted, therefore, that for the first time a special Operational Scheme has been worked out for the 4th Period of Government Policy from 2007 until 2013 and there has been a systematic and prompt preparation in order to avoid malfunctions and insufficient applications of the 3rd Κ.P.S.
ESPA  constitutes the spear-head of the Creek economy in the next decade since due to it, it is expected new companies to emerge that will blossom in the near future and will boost national economy.
Undoubtedly, the sum of money allocated to selective business propositions will signify the direction of the Development in Crete regarding businesses.
Question. Are there propositions from Greek or foreign businesspeople regarding their enterprising development in Crete?
Answer. Crete is considered one of the most important markets in Southeast Europe and there is a huge investment interest not only from the part of Greek businesspeople but also from foreigners as well.  This interest focuses particularly on tourism.
Question. When will the road network of the island be improved?
Answer. The North Road Network which constitutes the biggest developmental project in the island along with its vertical axes, has already been in progress with secure funding.
The Axis of Herakleion- Mesara is an impulse to the region that so far  we  just simply heard of it but now the government materializes the scheme. Therefore, having ensured 110 million Euros from the Ministry of Public Works and Environment, it intensively proceeds to the section of Apomarma – Kasteli and the section of Agia Barbara – Apomarma Also, the road of Siva- Agia Barbara is open to circulation and the unequal overpass of Siva has already been constructed and is open to circulation, as well.
The North Road Network ΚΤΕΟ –Gouves has been constructed and is open to circulation, a work already included to the PEP of Crete, on a Budget of 11.735.000, 00 Euros. At the same time the section of the double road from the Airport to ΚΤΕΟ is being completed on a Budget of 12.600.000 Euros.
The ramps of entrance – exit in the Avenue of Knossos and the junction of Giofyro has been completed. There is also the completion of Papanastasiou Bridge which alleviates congestion.
Another important work that is open to circulation involves the construction of the junction of Paleokastro on a Budget of 900.000Euros. The road from Herakleion to Viannos is due to circulation while for the road from Herakleion to Episkopi,  expropriations of 4.000.000 Euros have been approved in order the economic settlements of the expropriation beneficiaries to proceed resulting in ensuring its unhindered completion.
Works of improvement the road network on the axis of Tavronitis –Kandanos –Paleohora have been realized on the Budget of 19.397.492 Euros.
The road network from Vrisses to Chora Sfakion has been completed on a Budget of 921.715 Euros.
Moreover, in Julyι the work of improvement the road network on the axis of Alikianos-Prasses-Sougia is given to the public on a Budget of 9.113.354 Euros, while complementary works are in progress in the section of Galatas–Kasteli on a Budget of 8.550.000 Euros.
Additionally, 4.327.045 Euros was given for urban improvements of the prefecture of Chania and 2.250.000 Euros for the completion of the junction of Kladissos and its connection to the road network of the city.
For the improvement of the road of Chora Sfakion – Anopoli 3.949.000 Euros was given. The roundabout from Chania to the Airport and from Souda to the Airport in the region of Vlite was given to the public on the Budget of 2.800.000 Euros.The included interventions which are already included in the works are completed in the road network of the Old National Road from Herakleion to Rethymnon.
The work of VΟΑΚ Afhin – Agathia –Chamezi is due to completion till the second semester of 2009, on the Budget of 22.010.000 Euros. The work of VΟΑΚ Chamezi –Sitia and the Frouzi Bridge is being completed on a Budget of 2.000.000 Euros. The improvement work of the road Sitia – Paleokastro –Zakros, part of Agia Fotia– Paleokastro is given to public on December 2009 on the Budget of 4.409.552 Euros.
The improvement of the road from Neapolis to Lasithi plateau and Lakonia has been completed on a Budget of 3.220.524 Euros.
A sum of 1.000.000 Euros was given for the improvements of safety conditions of the local roads of the provincial network of the Prefecture of Lasithi as well as 880.000 Euros for greenery.
In December 2009 the deviation of Koutsoura – Makri Gialos–Analipsi is due to complete on a Budget of 8.881.803 Euros through PEP.
The junction in Atsipopoulo in Rethymnon is given to public, a significant work of the North Road Network which will crucially contribute to the upgrade of the region. It is incorporated in the PEP of Crete on the Budget of 5.870.000 Euros.
In June 2009, the road network on the axis of Apostopli – Mandres is being completed on the Budget of 18.360.907 Euros.
The road network of Rethynmon has been upgraded on a Budget of 1.467.351 Euros and a sum of 1.187.000 Euros was given for the improvement of the safety conditions of the road network.
Furthermore, there has been an auction for opening ups and asphalting the network of 1.600.000 Euros derived by National sources. Upon completion, the distance from Spili to the beaches is reduced to 50 from 160 kilometres.

Source of publication   6th issue In-On

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