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Mr. Antonis Tsourdalakis, the Greek shareholder of PLEXUS Company in Melbourne, Australia underlined that they offer to their Australian customers “security systems of new technology for houses, industries and shops. Our products, he continued, are close-circuit cameras for 24hr surveillance, monitors with video cameras, fire safety systems with sensors, as well as, security systems for the personnel. According to the laws of Australia as Mr. Tsourdalakis said, who comes from Rethymnon, Crete- a house construction cannot be approved if there are no fire safety sensors. Our company employs 15 people- he clarified- whose first concern is to realize all our 600 customers” demands. In this way we have accomplished not to spend enormous amounts of money on advertisement, since we have gained the trust of our consumers. At the same time Mr. Tsourdalakis, apart from PLEXUS is also the owner of a subsidiary company specialized in accessories and car alarm systems, which was founded in Melbourne in 1988. It has to be noted that those car accessories are already imported in Greece, as well, mainly screens which are placed behind the seats of the driver and co-driver.
According to the financial data for 2008, PLEXUS will have a turnover of about 2 million Australian dollars and the products are distributed, apart from Melbourne, to Sydney and Adelaide. There are also business transactions with Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Las Vegas. As Mr. Tsourdalakis pointed out, there are many Greek businessmen in Australia in the fields of industry (sanitary articles, food, wood processing and printing), construction companies, restaurants, stockbroker companies, insurance companies e.t.c. It must be stressed, he added, that there are many politicians of Greek origins, while the first Cretan Association was created in Melbourne in 1956.

Curriculum Vitae
Mr. Tsourdalakis was born in Melbourne, Australia, in 1970 from Greek immigrants. He graduated from the University of Victoria (Australia) and he is a qualified accountant. In 1990, he became the co- founder of the Greek Youth Association of Australia. He is the ex- president of Rethymnians Association, Arkadi, and a member of the Board of Directors of the International Council of Cretans.

Source of publication 4th issue In-On

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